I’m Rosie Sherry. I’ve been building communities professionally for around 15 years.

I’ve done meetup groups, a coworking community, to creating a global community for software testers, to where I am now leading the community over at Indie Hackers.

What should you expect?

I pretty much think about community building all day long. I cannot help myself. 🤷🏽‍♀️

As part of this I log, write and share ideas around building communities.

I’ve been running a weekly curated newsletter of community news, resources and links for almost a year.

Now I am stepping things up.

Turning this into a paid newsletter makes me accountable to keep showing up, writing for myself and for others.

At this early stage, signing up means:

  • I will show up every week to write one article

  • I will show up every week and share a weekly curated email

  • I will give you access to my ‘second brain’ Notion resource that I added to on a regular basis with resources, ideas, articles, etc.

  • I will organise Q&As & meetups, cause I’d love to meet y’all.

Anyone is also welcome to email me ideas and questions at rosie@rosie.land and I will see if they are worth writing in further detail.

Stay up-to-date

Every Monday I will send out a free newsletter with juicy community building links.

Every Tuesday there is an online meetup at 8pm London time.

Every Wednesday I will publish one article.

What is Rosieland?

Rosie.land is Rosie Sherry geeking out on all things community building.

Want to talk? Feel free to DM me on Twitter - @rosiesherry or email rosie@rosie.land